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Configure your Teachscape Reflect system using the documentation and instructions below. 

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Teachscape teacher effectiveness tools are designed to support the growth and development of all teachers. At Teachscape, we believe that all teachers can be great, and great teachers create inspired learners.

Teachscape Reflect

Teachscape Reflect is an integrated observation and assessment system and uses innovative software tools, including video and mobile devices, for classroom walkthroughs and evaluation management.
In New Mexico, the Teachscape Reflect platform employs the NMTEACH rubric for teacher evaluation. Through Reflect, the teacher evaluation process facilitates the collaborative evaluation process between principal and teacher. 

Teachscape Learn

Teachscape Learn is a comprehensive professional learning system that provides engaging, video-rich learning that is differentiated for educators' needs. With tools to plan their own learning, capture and share videos, collaborate with peers, and access a wide range of learning content, Teachscape Learn helps educators build mastery and lasting skills.

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